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Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a classic heirloom lettuce from France. Originally introduced before 1885, this round, red butterhead has great taste and reddish-brown outer leaves that cradle a creamy heart. Fast-maturing, all-season compact head. Easy to grow.

Source: Seeds of Change
Days to germination: 2-15
Days to harvest: 45-55
Planting depth: 1/4"
Spacing (row/plant): 12-18"/8-10"

Certified Organic

Suggestions: Plant seeds in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Note: Lettuce seeds won't sprout when soil is warmer than 75 degrees F. Before planting, enrich the soil with fertilizer. Continue planting every 3 weeks. Lettuce is a cool-weather crop and must mature before hot weather arrives. Early spring and late summer plantings are the most productive. Begin thinning and eating when seedlings have 3 true leaves and continue until plants are spaced eight inches apart. Keep well watered. To harvest full-size plants, snip off individual outer leaves or cut off the entire plant.

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